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Hi! I'm Bridgette, The Resume Chick Resume Expert, Career Guru and all around amazing writer. I'm going to take all of your stress away PLUS I'll get you into interviews.

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If you have just a basic, random, run of the mill resume made from a template that lacks all of the crucial info you need to succeed and get interview offers, you might as well forget about getting a new job. Resume Builders, generic templates and MS Word templates simply DO NOT WORK. Not only do you need to make sure your resume has the necessary keywords to make it past the ATS, but you need to be 100% sure that your resume will look great to a human reader, and perhaps an HR department that doesn't know about your field specifically. This is where you need to wow. THEN, you must ask yourself about your online presence. Yes, I am talking LinkedIn Profiles here... Executive Bios... and shall I even mention having bang-tidy Selection Criteria?

The job search today is crazy. So many elements that you have to have done just to get a chance to interview. It is stress worthy- I admit. Writing a resume is hard for most people. The terminology alone is not your everyday conversation. This is where I come in. Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Cover Letters, and Selection Criteria are what I do best.

All work is done in-house, and only by me. I fully believe that personalization is the key to preparing a successful resume for my clients. I also don't believe in using generic templates, which is why I guarantee a completely custom resume will be written for you. Let's get started today.